Payors & Purchasers

Take a proactive step

The Spine IQ Qualified Clinical Data Registry and Integrative Health Registry can help you identify practitioners who are committed to quality care and meet performance benchmarks.

Practitioners who have registered with Spine IQ will be able to use registry data to participate in quality payment programs, such as the CMS MIPS Program and the BCBSKS Quality Payment Program.

By including these practitioners in your network you are taking a proactive step to increase the quality and consistency of spine care in your network providers.

What is evidence-based care?

Evidence-based approaches are the forefront of making solid decisions in the treatment of patients in the clinical setting. Evidence-based practice takes into account what the evidence of research suggests, in addition to clinical experiences by practitioners, and the patient’s core values and expectations. The result? Better patient care!

Frequently Asked Questions


We utilize conservative methods to treat spine-related disorders. And we promote the effectiveness of this type of care by demonstrating excellent clinical outcomes through evidence-based clinical activities, reporting quality measures and clinician bench-marking.

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Access to Spine Care Research


Partnering with practitioners across the country allows us to collect information to compare clinical and cost outcomes for patients with spine-related pain. Studies focused on this data will enhance our understanding of how spine care impacts both physical and emotional functioning for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

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Our colleagues often ask us for resources on conservative spinal care. We have complied a list as a starting point of resources for high-performing conservative spine care clinicians who want to transform the culture of spine care.


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