Quality Recognition Program

Quality recognition program

To help high-performance spine care practitioners be recognized, we’ve developed an independent spine care quality benchmarking program.

This will be the first quality program that is specifically designed for conservative spine care practitioners and uses individual provider data rather than proprietary standards based primarily on process measures and/or utilization rates.

As a participating practitioner, you’ll be able to:

  • Benchmark yourself against national recognized performance measures.
  • Compare the quality of your care with your peers.
  • Check on your own rate of patient outcome success and progress.
  • Course correct along the way to adapt clinical care to achieve patient treatment goals.
  • Join the Spine IQ conservative spine practitioner network, a searchable database that enables patients, referral partners, payors and purchasers to find you.

Benchmarking levels

Level 1

Verification that a provider is enrolled in one or more Spine IQ registries.

Level 2

Level 1 verified Spine IQ providers AND meets at least 80 percent of quality benchmarks when reporting on three or more performance measures.