What is Spine IQ?

The time is right for a new approach to spine care.

Musculoskeletal and spine-related disorders are increasing. Addiction to pain medication is an epidemic. There is an increasing concern that widely used interventions may be ineffective or unsafe.

The Spine Institute for Quality® – or Spine IQ® – is a private, not-for-profit community of high-performing conservative spine care clinicians who want to transform the culture of spine care.

We utilize conservative methods to treat spine-related disorders. And we promote the effectiveness of this type of care by demonstrating excellent clinical outcomes through evidence-based clinical activities, reporting quality measures and clinician bench-marking.

Our approach

Together we can transform the culture of conservative spine care.

Clinical Data Registries

Our registries capture spinal care outcome measures and enable spine care practitioners to benchmark the quality of care they provide.

Spine Care Quality Recognition Program

We’re paving the way for a spine care quality recognition program that enables high-performance providers’ expertise to be recognized in the marketplace.

Practitioner Education 

We want to improve the quality of spine care delivery by increasing practitioner understanding and participation in relevant local and national quality initiatives. Spine IQ also serves as a conduit to evidence-based training materials that can assist practitioners in meeting performance measurement benchmarks and/or standards.

Spine Care Research

We are conducting rigorous research using pragmatic study designs that answer policy-relevant questions about spine care delivery in the real world.

The Primary Spine Practitioner (PSP) Model 

We are proponents of the PSP model to foster quality and enhance the value proposition of spine care.